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While staying at Hoemoor bungalow why not come and have a look around the farm we will try to show you a bit of farming life and explain why and how things are done,watch the cows get milked or the calves having their milk.

Hoemoor farm is a working Dairy and beef farm. We are a small farm run by just the both of us with help from Martin and Cathrine weekends and evenings . We run about 180 head of cattle ranging from new borns upto 13 year old cows. We have 55 dairy cows and keep all the calves rearing them on for beef or as replacements for the herd. Our main breed is not the traditional Friesian cows we are predominatly red and white MRI'S (meusse rhine issel). this gives us a good beef calf or replacment. The farm is run on as near natural policy as is economically feasible, cows are fed on a grass diet with only concentrates fed in the parlour, they are housed in the cold wet winter months and go back out to grass as soon as it is dry enough to do so. The beef are reared out to grass and are normally fit for slaughter at about 24 months,going straight to the slaughter house 20 minutes away, nothing goes to market from the farm and when its time comes it is straight to the slaughter house in our own trailer so stress is kept to a minimum. Chemicals and antibiotics are kept to a minimum only using them when necessary, the welfare and comfort of our cows is very important to us.Our cows are quiet and all have names so you can come and meet them and stroke one or two.

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